Port of Corpus Christi


The Port of Corpus Christi plays a critical role in the transportation of products that are vital to our national security and economic viability.

Crude oil, gas, diesel, jet, missile and other specialty fuels and propellants make up a significant portion of the cargo that moves through the Port.  Thirty oil and chemical docks, both public and private, and 80 pipelines are located along the Port of Corpus Christi Ship Channel. The Port is connected to five percent of the entire US refining capacity.

The Port of Corpus Christi is the third largest port in the United States as measured by import cargoes and the sixth largest as measured in total tonnage.  In 2003, over 85 million tons of cargo moved through the Port.

The Port is a major strategic port for the deploying of US military forces and its ship channel is the home of the Navy’s Mine and Warfare Command. In support of the war on terrorism and Operation Iragi Freedom, the Port of Corpus Christi was the leader of all US ports docking some 50 military cargo ships carrying a total of over 32,000 pieces of military equipment. The Port provides layberth facilities for the Military Sealift Command Surge Sealift Fleet.  US Navy warships are also repaired at leased facilities located within the Port’s Inner Harbor.

Bath Engineering Corporation is proud to have played a part in the growth of the Port of Corpus Christi for many decades.  The projects referenced above are a sampling of the many port projects designed by the firm.