CNG Stations - Texas

Bath has served as the engineer-of-record on Sun Metro projects for more than two decades. This is a testament to the importance that Bath places on customer relationships and the achievement of client satisfaction.

In 1993, Bath designed what was then the world's largest LNG fueling facility for Sun Metro Transit Authority. Three cryogenically insulated bulk LNG tanks held 60,000 gallons of LNG at 250 degrees F and 10 psi. The facility was capable of fueling six large buses simultaneously in five minutes. The Department of Energy featured this project in a white paper that was distributed to other transit authorities as an example of good planning and design.

A few years later, when Sun Metro began converting its fleet to CNG, Bath designed significant renovations to the original facility so CNG to be produced from LNG. Pressure was increased to 5,000 psig and then vaporized and warmed to just below ambient temperature by three high pressure vaporizers. When handled as CNG, the gas was odorized and then either stored in pressure vessels or sent directly to vehicle dispensers.

Sun Metro's conversion to CNG required significant modifications to its bus maintenance building. Bath designed ventilation, methane detection, and emergency systems to allow for safe servicing of CNG vehicles.

In the early 2000's, Sun Metro moved its paratransit vehicle maintenance to a new facility. Bath designed the L/CNG fueling center and mechanical/electrical features of the maintenance building.

In 2011, Sun Metro determined that it would be economically advantageous to compress pipeline natural gas rather than purchase LNG. Bath teamed with Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems for this ambitious project. Bath\'s scope of work includes serving as engineer-of-record and as design/construction project manager. Bath has also been retained to provide on-site operations personnel for the 15-year term of the contract. The project includes compressors at three strategically located fueling facilities with a combined delivery capacity of more than 10,000 scfm.