Medical Academic Bldg


Texas Tech University Health Science Center is constructing a new four-year medical school.  One of the keystone buildings on this new campus is the Medical Education Building which includes classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, library, a clinical skills area, and a simulation center as well as faculty and administrative offices. Student facilities include student colleges, a student lounge and fitness center, and a food court. The building is 1250,000 square feet in size.

Texas Tech University System retained Bath to provide building commissioning services.  Bath's scope of work included commissioning of both the design and construction processes. Bath was also responsible for testing and balancing.

During the design phase, Bath performed two milestone peer reviews of the design documents.  Bath’s commissioning engineers met with the A/E design team on three occasions during the design process for joint design review sessions.  The result was a trouble-free design and very few construction change orders.

The mechanical/electrical subcontractor worked on a previous Bath commissioned project, so a positive relationship already existed between Bath’s commissioning engineer and the contractor’s project manager.  They leveraged their relationship by holding joint meetings with key personnel from both companies on a regular basis.  This encouraged a cooperative atmosphere.

Bath maintained an construction phase issues log which was updated daily to reflect the status of each issue.  The log was shared with the contractors daily, so construction foremen referred to the log each evening as they prepared their work plans for the following day.  As a result, the final project punch list was minimal.