Jet Fuel Facility

Bath provided the complete package for this $2.5 million design/build project for Fuel Farm 216-A providing jet fuels and other hydrocarbons to jet engine test cells.  Project was for removal of existing below grade storage tanks and replacement with new above grade storage tanks.  Design package included mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, civil/structural and fire protection.  Project also included design of temporary fuel distribution facilities.

  • Seven new above grade storage tanks for JP-5, JP-8, VARSOL, turbine oil and preservation oil 2,000-10,000 gallons.
  • All associated pumps, filtration system and piping.
  • New concrete storage area with security fence and fire protection system.
  • New pump controls.
  • New commercial tanker unloading station.
  • New electrical power distribution.
  • Interconnection required for existing fuel line headers.