Power System HMI Integration

Bath Engineering provided Integration and Automation Services to Texas State University for replacement of two existing Web-based SEL-3530 RTAC HMIs.  The college campus includes two 15kV Substations each having a local unmanned HMI (Copa Data zenon Operator) providing real-time data and notification of alarms via text messaging.  The two local unmanned HMIs are designed to integrate data from both remote substations and display at a supervised central control room HMI (Copa Data zenon Supervisor) for monitoring the overall electrical distribution system.  The central control room HMI encompasses archiving historical data for trending and reporting purposes.  Custom HMI graphics developed consist of interactive electrical one-line screens, communication architecture screens, relay details, alarm and event lists, and an overall plant interface one-line screen. 

Key features of the HMI enables users remote access and immediate notification of events with an expectation to improve response and recovery time; thereby, reducing electrical outage time.  The HMI incorporates a smartphone app (zenon Everywhere App) allowing operators an overview of read-only real-time data and alarms.  Additionally, the central control room HMI is remotely accessible using a Remote Desktop connection to an HMI Terminal Server from a thin client such as a Windows PC, Windows tablet, oxs, iOS, Linux, or Android. 

Bath Engineering performed end to end functional testing and commissioning of the new HMIs.  Support was provided by updating relay identifications and modifying necessary security settings.  The Texas State University Power System HMI Integration project included custom training material development and on-site instruction.