15kV Switchgear Building


Texas State University issued an RFP to replace all of the main 15kV switchgear for the entire campus. The new switchgear building houses 30 cubicles of 15kV ARC Resistant switchgear. Relays and HMI for the switchgear consists of Schweitzer (SEL) 351A, 351S, 587Z, 311L along with the RTAC 3530 Automation Controller.   Bath provided all relay settings and supervision of setting installation.

Reconnection to 16 existing #350kCM looped feeders above the ceiling at the old 15kV switchgear required close coordination with the contractor for minimal power outage.  Bath Coordinated and over saw this effort.

 Bath’s was awarded additional services:

  • Electrical one line diagrams for the entire campus 15kV system,

  • SKM Short Circuit/Coordination/Arc Flash  Study for the entire campus

  • A study of the entire campus 15kV electrical distribution system noting deficiencies and a master schedule of power outages while deficiencies are corrected. 

  • Load balance on the 15kV feeders,

  • Extending a looped 15kV circuit to the expanding west campus.

  • Replacing 15kV switches, 15kV transformers, and 15kV cable and terminators

Bath is currently under contract to integrate SEL RTAC 3530 information from the four main chill facilities into


a Siemens APOGEE control system that displays in the central control room.  This is a Design/Bid/Build Project.