Industrial Laundry


International Garment Processors and Burlington Industries, Inc. selected Bath Engineering Group to design the process systems for the massive denim laundry in Meoqui, Chihuahua, Mexico. When Phase II is completed, this facility will process 26,000,000 pairs of denim pants per year for companies such as Levi, Tommy Hilfiger, and Burlington.

The systems designed by Bath included high pressure steam, process air, ventilation, cooling, industrial waste, plant water, plumbing, power, lighting, and fire protection. Bath also provided on-site construction management services.

Phase I was a 163,000 square foot building designed for state-of-the art industrial laundering equipment including 72 milling-type stone washing machines, 80 pressing machines, 10 water extractors, 20 dryers, and 12 sandblasting units.  The laundering process consumed 2,000,000 gallons per day of water, including 1,200,000 gallons of 170°F hot water.  The hot water was produced by 50,000 kBtu/hr boilers in combination with an energy reclaim system.  The remaining 800,000 gallons of water were to be consumed as 60°F cold water.  Steam was produced a saturation pressure of 100 psig/336°F.  The compressed air and vacuum systems consisted of 1,600 cfm capacity at 125 psig and 400 cfm capacity at 15 in.Hg vacuum, respectively.  The HVAC system for the production area used an indirect/direct evaporative cooling system with power relief for summer and winter ventilation.  This type of system was selected because low wet-bulb temperatures are common in this part of Mexico.

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