Power Plant - 140 MW


Bath Engineering Corporation performed a study for Enron Middle East to evaluate the commissioning and subsequent operation of the Gaza Power Generating Company’s 140MW combined cycle power plant and the transmission/distribution system.  The 140MW power plant supplies electrical energy to the Gaza Strip through two 220/22kV step-down transformers at the power plant site and through two 220/22kV remote substations. The two remote substations are connected to the power plant through two 220kV transmission lines. There are 16 22kV distribution feeders serving the area.

Bath performed power flow, short circuit, protective relay coordination, and insulation coordination studies for the 220kV transmission system and for the 22kV distribution system. Using the results of these studies, Bath evaluated the proposed design of the transmission and distribution system and the proposed protective relay schemes. The Gaza Strip power plant and electric power system were designed to European standards and operate at 50Hz. Bath determined that the proposed design would, for the most part, result in operating conditions consistent with accepted electric utility practices. Where the design was found to be inadequate, Bath recommended corrective action. For example, Bath recommended the construction of five miles of additional 22kV distribution circuits and modifications to the reclosing control circuits on the 22kV breakers at the power plant.  

As part of its work, Bath provided detailed construction and switching work steps to synchronously tie the 140MW power station to the Israeli electric power system during initial start-up of the power plant. Bath instructed that two existing Israeli power system 22kV distribution feeders be extended onto the new power plant site to provide start-up power through two 22kV distribution feeders, then to the Gaza Power Generating Company’s power plant 22kV buses, up to the 220kV buses, and then down to the low side (11kV) of the generator step-up transformers. Once the 11kV generator buses were made hot, the generators could be synchronized onto the power system.