Bath has designed dozens of manufacturing plants, office buildings, and process facilities in México.  These projects frequently involve aggressive design schedules, procurement assistance, and on-site construction observation. 

Bath’s designs comply with the codes and standards of both the United States and México.  Because we are sensitive to construction traditions and methods of Mexican contractors, our designs carefully blend modern construction techniques with the traditional construction methods.

Our bi-lingual, bi-cultural staff prepares construction documents for Mexican projects in both English and Spanish.  Dimensions are shown in both America and Metric units.  In this manner, we assure that our American clients can review and approve the designs and that Mexican contractors and their craftsmen can understand the project requirements.

Many clients ask our engineers to go to the field when Mexican projects move from design to construction.  We meet regularly with contractors to answer their questions and to assure that they are constructing the project as designed.  We also provide assistance negotiating with code authorities, utility companies, and local entities.