Computer Plant


When Acer Information Products decided to locate its primary North American computer manufacturing facility center in Mexico, it selected Bath Engineering to provide mechanical, electrical, and mechanical design services.  The fast track construction project was carefully coordinated to meet an aggressive production schedule.  The 700,000 square foot multi-building campus is located in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. 

The initial step in the design process was the preparation of a report analyzing three mechanical design concepts.  Preliminary designs were produced to allow construction and life cycle cost estimates to be prepared.  Then, a net present value comparison was made to determine the optimum design concept.

The cooling system for summer ventilation in the manufacturing facility consisted of six indirect/direct evaporative industrial type evaporative coolers designed to supply a total of 247,475 cfm of conditioned air at 64 degrees F for maintenance of room temperature in manufacturing areas at 80 degrees F.  Fifteen axial-type roof exhaust fans with a total capacity of 191,205 cfm were provided to maintain a pressure differential of plus or minus 0.05 inches w.c. with respect to outdoors.  The heating system in the manufacturing facility consisted of 34 gas-fired unit heaters providing 4,410,000 Btu/hr.