GM Manufacturing Plants


Over the past several decades, Bath has designed and/or commissioned dozens of facilities for General Motors and its subsidiaries. The location of those projects stretch from Torreon, Queretaro, Cd. Juarez, and San Luis Potosi in Mexico to Detroit and Tuscaloosa in the United States.

The project featured on this page is a 400,000 square foot manufacturing plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The facility was designed for the manufacture of a continuously variable speed transmission.

Bath commissioned both traditional building systems and industrial manufacturing systems. One of the challenges Bath faced was working with an industrial PLC control system in lieu of the more common direct digital control systems found in commercial buildings.

General Motors requires compliance with its corporate commissioning process, so Bath adapted its normal commissioning program to comply with General Motors’ standards. Most of the contractors spoke only Spanish, so Bath assigned bilingual and bicultural staff members to the project. Bath used its Spanish forms for this project.

Commissioned Systems:

  • air handling units
  • domestic hot water systems
  • lighting controls
  • industrial air compressors
  • reverse osmosis water systems
  • process gas/fluid systems