Printer Plant


On a 40 hectare site (approximately 100 acres) in the southeastern portion of Juarez, Lexmark International, Inc. is building a new multi-building manufacturing campus. 

The first phase became operational in early-2005 and other buildings were completed in subsequent years.  Additional buildings were brought on line over the remainder of the decade.

Bath's was initially retained to design a storage tank farm and truck loading/unloading rack for the PC Drum facility. 

Bath's second assignment on this campus was the design of a chemically processed toner (CPT) plant.  This project involved several large complex vessels and stainless steel piping.  After completing the design, Bath assisted in procurement of materials and contractors.  Then, Bath's program manager moved to the jobsite to oversee construction.

Bath's third assignment at the Lexmark campus was Building Commissioning which involved building systems (mechanical, electrical, fire detection, and fire sprinkler) and process systems (cartridge filling, etc.)