15kV & 34.5kV Distribution Upgrade


This was a Design/Build Project.

This project was to demolish an existing 2.4kV electrical system and extend a 12.47 kV loop for better electrical reliability and flexibility.  Project design included construction of a new 15kV duct bank and manhole system and bridge crossing with a 6 in. conduit and 500kCM, 15kv, 133%, EPR cable from new sub H50 approximately 4000’ through Camp Barry and connecting to an existing 15kv pad mounted switch to form a 15kv loop to substation M30. . Also designed was a new 15kv walk-in, steel structure, metal clad switchgear environmentally controlled at substation H50.  The circuit breakers were drawout vacuum type. Design included all Schweitzer Relays, 2030 communication controller and SCADA system.

Two intermediate 15kv S&C Vista switches and several 600 amp junction pedestals were installed along the 4000’ segment to feed six 15kv pad mounted transformers and their respective building loads at Camp Barry. Design included complete construction plans and specifications, plus Arc Flash, Short Circuit, and relay coordination studies as well as as-built drawings.

Additionally the Navy chose an option to replace the existing 34.5kv switchgear lineup at sub M40.   The new 6 bay line up was one of six switching stations in the 34.5kv sub-transmission loop.  The new lineup consisted of 34.5kv vacuum circuit breakers installed in a walk-in, steel structure, metal clad switchgear environmentally controlled. Design included Schweitzer Relays, SEL 351A, SEL 387A, SEL 587Z and SEL 311L. and SEL 2030 communication controller and SCADA system.

Contractor and engineer worked together to assure minimal electrical outages.

Commissioning included connecting the Schweitzer SEL 311L line segment relays for sub-transmission loop protection via Fiber Optic cabling and re-commissioning of the existing SCADA system.