34.5/13.8 kV Electrical Reliability

 Bath Engineering designed and provided project management for new modern electrical distribution system to reduce the risk of electrical power outages resulting in loss of production, environmental impacts, while improving overall electrical safety. The objectives of the work were to insure the Port Arthur Chemical Complex operating units run reliably without unscheduled power outages. This was a $70 million electrical project.

 The project included:

  • (2) 69kV/34.5kV Transformers
  • (2) 34.5kV/13.8kV 20MVA Transformers
  • (6) 13.8kV/2.4kV 7.5 MVA Transformers
  • (12) 13.8KV/480V 2.5MVA Transformers
  • (1) 34.5kV/13.8kV substation buildings with switchgear
  • (3) 13.8kV/2.4kV substation buildings with switchgear, motor starters/controls
  • (7) 13.8kV/480V substation buildings with switchgear, motor starters/ controls
  • Re-feed (30) MV motors and (600) low voltage loads.
  • 3,500 feet of horizontal bores of 30” diameter, 40 feet below grade crossing under the plant and major underground duct bank infrastructures for power feeders and fiber-optic cables throughout site
  • Installation of foundations and support for building and cable trays