Refinery Electrical Infrastructure


Due to client confidentiality requirements, we are not able to identify this project by name or location.


This was a large petroleum refinery expansion project. Bath's scope of work was design of electircal and mechanical systems for two electrical buildings.

The buildings included Purged ahd pressurized HVAC and auxillary equipment:

  • 2 each 24/32.5/40 MVA 138KV to 15KV transformers
  • 4 each 12.5KV/4.160KV 5MVA transformers
  • 4 each 5KV/480V 2MVA transformers
  • 2 each 1200A 4160V Arc resistant Switchgear
  • 2 each 3200A 480V Switchgear
  • 1 each 2000 A 15KV, Arc resistant Switchgear
  • 4 each high resistance grounding systems
  • 4 each low resistance grounding systems 4 each lineups of 480V MCC’s with over 100 starters/feeder breakers
  • Relocation and reconnection of plant loads from the existing substation to new substations