Water Treatment Plant

This plant provides treated potable water to the City of Corpus Christi, Texas and five surrounding counties including the South Texas Water Authority. The following list is a sampling of the many projects Bath has performed for this facility since the 1990's.

I/E design for Filter Building PLC Upgrade & Controls Relocation.  
This provided independent dedicated PLC systems for each of the Filter 1 thru 12 and relocated the electrical control systems to the basement enabling the conversion of the space to the planned visitor’s center and Admin Office space.

Engineering study for a short-circuit and protective device coordination for the power distribution systems.

I/E Design and Cconstruction Support for Several Structures.
This project improved electrical distribution for the installation of new electrical switchgear, electrical power panels, and electrical power distribution for the Raw Water Intake, Chemical Building, Filter Building, Primary Basins 1 thru 4 and the Secondary Basins 1.

I/E Design and Cconstruction Support for High Service Pump Building 3.
Replace the existing HS#1 pump station and work in conjunction with HS#2.

I/E design for sonic meter to the city’s SCADA system, motor operated valves, level alarms/monitors.

Electrical/civil/structural engineering for Electrical Distribution Improvements.
This project replaced all the original remaining 1951 electrical equipment and additionally installed a totally redundant system with dual 5 kV feeders – main tie main – installation with emergency generation backup from the onsite generating station.  All 480Volt power and 120Volt controls to motors was replaced. Power Control Room (PCR) consisting of concrete Pre-CAST buildings were designed for electrical power distribution equipment.   These buildings included HVAC. All existing electrical equipment being removed included the demolition of all associated conduit and wire. Nothing abandoned in place. The 5kV and 600 volt switchgear and motor control centers were coordinated with other ongoing projects and for 20% future expansion. Power outages were critical and coordinated for minimum shutdown. 5kV cable was routed underground in reinforced concrete duct banks or overhead in existing or new cable tray.