Marina Improvements


Bath provided all the electrical for the installation of four new floating docks that contain over 150 boat slips.  New boat slips range from 50 to 80 feet in length and each slip is furnished with potable water, electrical power and sanitary sewer facilities.  Electrical service to each dock was provided at 480V, 3-phase.  Single-phase unit substations, located on the docks, provide 120/240V, 1-phase, 100 amp service for each boat slip.  Major modifications to the Utility's 12.47kV primary distribution system were required to
facilitate the addition of five new pad mounted transformers.  Total diversified connected load was calculated at 2000 kVA using demand factors from the NEC and receptacle/branch circuit configurations that allowed for the maximum diversity without excessive voltage drop.  The new facilities are designed to accommodate large vessels.