Port Oil Dock

This oil dock on the Port of Corpus Ship Channel included a barge dock and a one mile access road.  Bath designed the railroad signalization for a major road crossing at the Joe Fulton Corridor along with LED roadway lighting.  At the dock, Bath designed all electrical and mechanical services including grounding and lightning protection.  Bath coordinated with AEP for a 15kV underground power crossing at the Joe Fulton Corridor.  The dock service is 12.47kV-480/277V three phase from a pad-mounted transformer.  Bath also provided all dock lighting design.

Bath was then contracted by the dock user, M&G Plastics, to design electrical, mechanical and instrument systems for their portion of the dock.  This work included redundant 480V power from M&G's power distribution system; process piping for acetic acid, paraxylene and monoethylene glycol; and utility piping for steam, industrial water, potable water, nitrogen, plant air and instrument air. Fiber opptic cable was provided for connection to the plant “Delta V” DCS system with I/O located in the CHARM enclosure at the dock house.