Bayfront Storm Water Station

Owner: City of Corpus Christi
Location: Corpus Christi, TX
Client: City of Corpus Christi
Project Type: Water / Wastewater
Professional Services: Electrical, Instrumentation/Controls, Mechanical
Markets: Water/Wastewater, Local Government

The Bayfront Storm Water Station project arose because the area was plagued with flooding during periods of heavy rainfall. The flooding occurred because the downtown area of Corpus Christi is below sea level.  The City of Corpus Christi initiated this project to alleviate the problem. An existing storm water pump station was totally rebuilt to include 2,000 HP of pumping capacity and 3 megawatts of generation.  The Bayfront Storm Water Station design included electrical and mechanical modifications to the existing building, along with:

  • Controls and remote monitoring
  • Diesel fuel system design with above grade 10,000 gallon fuel tanks
  • MCC’s with soft starters to service all storm water pumps
  • Short circuit analysis with relay and breaker calibration
  • Synchronization equipment
  • Utility company interface

Construction of Bayfront Storm Water Station