Bombardier Manufacturing

Owner: Bombardier
Location: Mexico
Project Type: Manufacturing Facility
Professional Services: Commissioning

When Bombardier – A Canadian manufacturer of the Leer Jet Aircraft – decided to build a LEED certified manufacturing facility in Mexico, they hired a construction management company out of Texas to help them see the project through.  The logistics of having a Canadian owner and design team working in conjunction with a US Project Manager to oversee a Mexican construction team posed special challenges for the commissioning authority.

Bath Group Incorporated welcomed the challenge and was able to leverage their bi-lingual Spanish speaking staff along with Bath’s web based commissioning software to commission the 135,000 sf facility on time and within budget.  With interested parties spanning the 3 countries which comprise North America, routine commissioning inspections along with functional testing of the mechanical and electrical systems had to be well coordinated in advance to minimize unnecessary trips to the job-site.  Bath’s CxControl commissioning tool was the perfect product for the project to eliminate wasteful job-site trips, and ensure necessary commissioning documentation was completed prior to the arrival of the commissioning authority.

Mechanical and Electrical contractors in Mexico completed Pre-Functional checklists online using Bath’s CxControl software; these checklists were then reviewed and commented on by commissioning agents in the United States through the web based  software portal. Once the checklists were completed to the satisfaction of the commissioning team, functional test procedures of the various mechanical and electrical systems were published online, allowing contractors to opportunity to pretest their systems prior to the arrival of the commissioning authority. Bath’s process coupled with the CxControl software system improved communication among the commissioning team and kept the project moving forward in compliance with the owner’s schedule requirements.