Office Building & Parking Garage LEED Silver

Owner: Rice University
Location: Houston, TX
Client: Rice University
Cost: $33 Million
Size: 72,000 sq.ft.
Project Type: Education
Professional Services: Commissioning

The new Office Building & Parking Garage is Certified LEED Gold, using LEED 3.0 2009 for New Construction.  Bath Commissioning services included all services necessary to meet the requirements for LEED 3.0 2009 for New Construction, Energy and Atmosphere EAp1 Fundamental Commissioning of Building Energy Systems, EAp2 Minumum Energy Pefromance, EAc1 Optimized Energy Performance, and EAc3 Enhanced Commissioning.

Bath Commissioning began with participation during the schematic design phase and continued through the completion of construction, completion of a signed final commissioning report and LEED Certification. This is a hands-on involvement with design, installation, startup, integrated system testing, control sequence verification and control point-to-point verification of installation and address assignment.  This includes validation of all control components, from sensor to front end graphics.  This also includes attending job progress meetings as requested by the university and working closely with the TAB contractor.  Additionally the Non-functioning systems, devices and sequences were identified one by one, and re-inspections done until all punch list items are cleared and accepted by the appropriate Rice University staff.  All utility metering points and devices are fully checked for calibration and reporting.

Bath Commissioning is providing full LEED services during the project including documentation services, LEED submittal services, and coordination with the project team to insure LEED requirements and LEED documentation for certification are fulfilled.