Old Main Room 213 HVAC Modifications

Owner: Texas State University – San Marcos
Location: San Marcos, TX
Client: Texas State University – San Marcos
Cost: $9.5 Thousand
Size: Two room modifications and six (6) existing HVAC units
Project Type: HVAC modifications
Professional Services: Mechanical Engineering, HVAC Design, Construction Support
Markets: Education

Bath provided engineering services for design of HVAC system modifications to change Room 314 and Room 316 at the Old Main Building from the current functions to that of a media lab. Engineering Services included:

  • Provisions for cooling load calculations for existing and remodeled areas to determine how much new supply air would be required to properly condition the new media lab space and maintain interior
    conditions of 75°F/50% R.H. (relative humidity).
  • Bath reviewed documents on the current spaces, specs on the existing air handling unit, and confirmed the unit can provide the increased airflow and cooling capacity.
  •  Site observations of space temperature, relative humidity, equipment run times, equipment cycle times, supply air
    temperature, outside air temperature, outside air relative humidity, and various other items during the site visit.
  • A Basis of Design report was presented to Texas State University personnel for review and approval prior to proceeding with final construction drawings. The Basis of Design report contained the results of the cooling load calculation, review of the existing HVAC system equipment, and recommendations and options for upgrades/revisions to the HVAC systems based on the field observations and measurements.
  • TSU selected one of the options presented in the Basis of Design and authorized final detail design. IFC documents and drawings were completed and submitted to TSU for construction.
  • Bath Engineering to provide construction phase support, including pre-bid RFIs, a preconstruction meeting, construction coordination questions, and a final construction inspection site visit.