Ship Loading Facility Design

Owner: Confidential
Location: Texas
Client: Confidential
Cost: $95,000,000
Project Type: Industrial
Professional Services: Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing
Markets: Industrial

The Ship Loading Facility project objective was to increase the terminal’s outbound capacity by increasing the crude storage capacity (tank) and the Vapor Combustion Unit (VCU) capacity to match the expanded loading rates. Client sales are expected to grow in the next 3-5 years as new crude supplies are delivered via one or more proposed pipelines.

The Scope of Work included:

  • Addition of terminal pipeline manifolds and valving (30-inch diameter, OVs)
  • Addition of (2) 20,000 BPH, multistage, deep well pumps
  • Addition of (1) 40,000 BPH Marine Vapor Combustion Unit, John Zink NOx Star Technology
  • Replacement of (1) 20,000 BPH Marine Vapor Combustion Unit, John Zink NOx Star Technology
  • Electrical Transformers
  • Motor Control Center
  • Switch Gear
  • Power cabling to provide power to pumps
  • MVCU’s
  • Tank Mixers
  • MOV’s
  • (3) 250,000 barrel working capacity tanks with internal floating roof
  • Deodesic dome
  • New firewater & foam piping at new tanks
  • Electrical grounding for all equipment.
  • Instrument and Controls work for PLC / DCS run indications on pumps
  • Status indications on MOV’s
  • Level indications on tanks
  • Status indication on MCVU’s
  • 3D Modeling was used for the design.

A new SCADA System was designed to monitor and control the new substation. The SCADA System is a Zenon HMI by CopaData. The SCADA Panel design includes a 19” rack rail inter-door for installation of the SCADA equipment which sets behind the front SCADA panel door with a 24” touch screen monitor and standard size keyboard and mouse. All field wiring and communication cables are mounted in the rear panel of the cabinet. The SCADA Panel equipment includes a SEL-3620 Security Gateway, SEL-2730M master network switch, SEL-3530, SEL-2440, SEL-2411, (1) OnLogic fan-less computer and an 8TB NAS drive for backups.

Additionally, the Bath SCADA system design includes 12 system screens with multiple device details and 4000 analog and digital points to replicate the Ingleside site. The 4000 analog and digital points are collected via the systems SEL-3530 (RTAC). Then, the RTAC provides data via DNP 3.0 to the Zenon HMI system. All points are time synced via the GPS time clock.

The SCADA system collects harmonics using the RTAC and continually updates and displays this information in a graphical format. In this SCADA system, Bath designed a graphical Annunciator in Zenon and created the logic to drive it in the RTAC as if it were a hardware device. New alarms annunciate until silenced and remain in alarm until they have cleared.

Remote Control via the SCADA system is configured for all 15kV and 2.4kV breakers. The SCADA system also consists of an Alarm Message list, Chronological Event List, a configurable Historian to archive data (triggered, cyclical, or timed), and Smart Server configuration for remote operator viewing of the SCADA system.

Total Construction Cost: $95MM

Completion: 2020