Vail Valley Medical Center

Owner: Vail Valley Medical Center
Location: Vail, CO
Client: Vail Valley Medical Center
Size: 168,000 sq.ft.
Professional Services: Commissioning
Markets: Health Care

Vail Valley Medical Center [VVMC] owns and operates several medical facilities scattered among the Rocky Mountains in Central Colorado. Their largest facility is the main hospital which is 168,000 sf and was originally built in 1964.  VVMC also operates several medical office buildings including two located in Edwards, Colorado and one located in Gypsum, Colorado.  In 2014 Vail Valley Medical Center had four properties they wanted examined to evaluate existing MEP building system performance, identify deficiencies in performance, identify potential Energy Conservation Measures ECMs and the simple payback of performing those measures, and prioritize building improvements.  Bath staff spent two full weeks evaluating and testing MEP systems in four different properties while buildings where occupied and operating to assess how well systems functioned, identify what issues were preventing systems from functioning optimally or in some cases functionally correctly, and to also identify opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades.

The scope of work involved testing the HVAC control systems for proper operation, adjust systems as necessary, identify possible Energy Conserving Measures (ECM) with rough order of magnitude cost estimates with pay back periods and provide a report to the VVMC. Bath identified Energy Conservation Measures that will improve the efficiency of the buildings with highest rate of return on investment in shortest period of time.  The intent was to identify the “low hanging fruits”  and then analyzed further in detail.  For the identified ECMs, Bath has provided details that identify the potential energy saving, construction cost, utility cost savings, and simple payback periods.  Bath’s team visited the sites in June 2014.  All four buildings were toured during this 8 day visit.  MEP systems were tested and observed.  Also during this visit the controls system was re-commissioned.