Vulnerability Assessment – O.N. Stevens Water Treatment Plant

Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Client: City of Corpus Christi
Project Type: Water/Wastewater
Professional Services: Electrical
Markets: Local Government

Bath Group Inc. was engaged to provide a vulnerability assessment of the O.N. Stevens Water Treatment Plant electric distribution systems. Bath’s long history of providing design services over the past 20 years to the facility made the project highly efficient and effective.

Identification of both Electrical and Physical vulnerabilities with single point and common mode failures was the focus of the study. Equipment age, availability of equipment, maintainability of the gear, and current conditions were assessed and documented. Failure scenarios including catastrophic events with a low probability, but have high consequences were identified and considered. Additionally, options to mitigate and reduce risk of single point and common mode failures along with Opinions of Probable Construction Cost (OPCC) were developed. Recommendations and consultation with the City of Corpus Christi Staff after the Vulnerability Assessment resulted in development of Capital Improvement Planning.

Power Control Room #1 (PCR-1) is the single source of power distribution for the entire O.N. Stevens Water Treatment Plant (ONSWTP). Both the AEP Utility and Backup Generation electrical sources have a common point of connection and distribution at the PCR-1 building. Damage to this single building or it’s distribution gear would result in a power outage, which could be for an extended duration. This report identified mitigating options to ensure plant operations in the event of catastrophic failure at PCR-1. Three mitigating options have been acknowledged and analyzed.