One of Bath’s core areas of expertise is the design and implementation of complex instrument and control systems.  

Our engineers have experience managing, designing, and commissioning control systems.  They develop control system infrastructure, select and specify instruments, and troubleshoot existing systems.  They design microprocessor-based control systems that vary in complexity from Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), to Direct Digital Control Systems (DDC), to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), to Distributive Control Systems (DCS), to Basic Process Control Systems (BPCS), to Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).

The following list highlights a few of Bath’s recent instrument and control projects.  More information about completed projects can be found in the Portfolio portion of this website

Hydrogen Recycle Compressor Control System Replacement
This effort consisted of removal and replacement of a relay-based compressor control panel.  The legacy hardware was modernized with a Trident system which is used as the compressor’s Safety Instrumented System.  The legacy Safety Instrumented Functions for this compressor where also upgraded from blind switches to analog trip initiators.  Serial communication to the facility’s Basic Process Control System was also introduced via fiber optic communication.    

Sulfur Recovery Unit Expansion 
This effort included detailed instrument and control system engineering.  The design included new field instrumentation, Basic Process Control Systems and Safety Instrumented Systems infrastructure expansion, and wiring and communication infrastructure expansion. 

Pipeline SCADA System 
This project required design of instrumentation, as well as installation and commissioning of a radio-based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to monitor and control 300 miles of high pressure 16-inch natural gas gathering and transport pipelines.  

Safety Requirement Specification 
This effort included Safety Integrity Level verification on new Safety Instrumented Functions defined by Process Safety Management.  Our team participated in PHA and LOPA studies that addressed quality risk assessment and instrument risk mitigation.  Bath provided the design basis for several unit Safety Instrumented System upgrades.