Modern facilities use computers to coordinate the control of most processes. Bath's engineers design microprocessor-based control systems that vary in complexity from Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), to Direct Digital Control Systems (DDC), to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), to Distributive Control Systems (DCS).

We have the knowledge necessary to design workable solutions to complex problems. Our practice is to keep systems as simple as possible, while taking full advantage of the latest technology. When Bath completes the design, it prepares operating instructions that are written in plain-English so they can be understood and used by non-engineers. The computer graphics we design are meaningful representations of the processes that our clients' operators control.

Bath's engineers can re-work existing systems or design entire new instrumentation packages.  The systems on which we have worked range from single instrument loops to DCS systems for entire plants.

Substantial reductions in energy costs can be achieved by professionally managing the use of utilities. The energy monitoring and control systems designed by Bath allow our clients to control their energy systems from central locations. Data signals from temperature, pressure, and process sensors are transmitted via microwave, radio frequency, or hard-wire to central processors which evaluate utility usage and send control signals to remote control valves and devices. When necessary, we can develop custom algorithms or entire software packages.