Corporate Citizenship

Good corporate citizenship is a core value at Bath. We expect our employees to take leadership rolls in their communities to tackle the problems facing society. As a corporation, we use our technical abilities to show our clients how they can reduce quantity of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. As individuals, we donate hundreds of hours each year to worthy causes. This is a partial list of the ways we contribute positively to society:

  • Bath used to send small holiday gifts to clients each December. The value of an individual gift was minimal, but in the aggregate, Bath spent quite a bit of money each year. Beginning in 1989, and continuing every year thereafter, we selected charitable causes that could better use the money. Over the years, we have given tens of thousands of dollars to worthy causes including orphanages, cancer care centers, homes for battered women, and numerous health foundations. What a beautiful way to honor our clients!

  • Our employees serve on public, religious, and charitable boards when we think our participation will be of value to the community. Examples of our involvement include public school boards, church and synagogue boards, professional society boards, and charitable foundation boards.

  • Our employees regularly join together to work on worthy causes. In recent years, they collected hundreds of dollars for a homeless center, toys for needy children, and food for a regional food bank. In past years, they helped build a house for an elderly couple and build a playground for children.

  • Bath is often asked to work on architect/engineer teams designing churches and specialty centers. Bath generally donates all or a significant part of its fee back to the organization. Beneficiaries of this policy have been a Ronald McDonald House, a home for battered women, a playing field for handicapped children, and several churches. Our donations and participations have been bi-national. We work in both the United States and Mexico to make our communities better places to live.