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Substation Building
Substation Building

Bath Engineering Corporation designed and supervised construction of a new 15KV/5KV/480V substation building with DCS I/O room. The substation replaced 15kV outdoor load interrupt switch line-ups consisting of 2 incoming lines and 14 load switches.

The new 2,500 sqft pre-cast wall substation building was designed by Bath Engineering to exceed hurricane winds and flooding. This project included the installation of the new indoor 15KV/5KV/480V switchgear along with all auxiliary supports. Auxiliary items included battery chargers, batteries, 480V/208V/120V station power, UPS Power, fiber communications, DCS I/O and marshalling, lighting and controls. The designs were Main-Tie-Tie-Main to facilitate online testing and maintenance. Switchgear line-ups were laid out and configured for future addition of 5kV equipment planned to serve various critical loads. Schweitzer (SEL) electronic relays were incorporated to improve selectivity and security with bus diff, arc flash, transformer diff, and overcurrent relaying. Bath also designed and installed an SEL RTAC based SCADA monitoring system with HMI and Historian.

Installed equipment includes:
(8) 5kV (1,200A) MCC’s
(2) 15kV (1,200A) Switchgear Line ups
(1) 5kV (1,200A) Switchgear Line ups
(1) 30kVA Battery Charger
(8) 480V (2,000A) MCC & Feeders
(13) 15KV feeders to transformers
(2) 15KV 10,000 ft. main sub feeders.
(2) 480V (2,000A) Switchgear
(1) UPS Backup Systems
(1) Lighting Controller System
(2) Hazardous area classified HVAC systems

New electrical infrastructures of cable trays, raceways, duct banks and bridges were constructed along with existing infrastructure to support new 15KV cable runs installed to re-feed 13 transformer loads located throughout the West Crude Units. Arc Flash study and assessment of the distribution system was performed, along with modeling of existing protection schemes and SKM modeling of back-up/normal load flows. A cutover plan was developed to ensure there were no unplanned shutdowns or safety incidents. Bath Engineering provided start-up assistance including relay settings, configurations, testing and training.

The project was executed through a phase approach with total construction value of $28MM.

Client: Confidential
Location: Confidential
Cost: $28,000,000
Professional Services: MEP Engineering Services, Instrumentation & Control
Owner: Confidential
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