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Bath was originally founded as an electrical engineering consulting firm.  Although it has evolved into a multi-disciplined engineering firm, electrical engineering design remains one of the firm’s strengths.  Engineering designs involving low, medium, and high voltage electrical systems have been the staple for our various business sector clients.

We have also teamed with Architects, Engineering Consulting and Construction firms to provide electrical designs and power system requirements for commercial, educational, government and industrial facilities.

Electrical Engineering at BathAs the technology of the industry has evolved, Bath’s engineers have been at the forefront of the move toward digital control of process and control systems.  Providing control and data acquisition for local and remote devices and equipment has become essential in all business sectors.

Over the years, due to increased concerns and requirements from the Department of Homeland Security, security has become an important part of industrial, municipal and port facilities.  Bath has been instrumental in providing Security Systems Application and Infrastructure Designs to our various clients.

Bath’s Professional Engineers have provided clients with electrical designs for High Voltage Substations, Distribution Substations, Cogeneration Systems, Power Transmission, Plant Distribution Systems, Load Flow,  Electrical Safety Studies, and System Reliability, Electrical distribution and lighting, Airfield & Runway lighting & controls, and security monitoring, detection and video surveillance systems.

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