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Bath utilizes digital relays in power system designs.  Digital relays can emulate functions of discrete electromechanical relays simplifying protection design and maintenance and can run self-test routines to verify readiness and alarm if faults are detected.  Bath configures the digital relays with protection parameters and strategies not possible in electromechanical relays.

Bath Professional Engineers experienced with SKM Power System Software analyze and interpret the data and Time-current curves produced to determine Transformer Over-current Protection.

Bath can test and verify the optimal operation of your relays through system functional testing, trip checks and in-service testing.

Utilizing SKM software to analyze the power system provides relay characteristic curves using different time multiplier settings based on various standards, current and voltage differential readings, impedance readings, directional elements and synch checks.  Analyzing all this data and graphs allows Bath to configure relays for the best power system protection.

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