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Bath Engineering has an impeccable reputation and sets the standard for Professional Ethics. The following guidelines establish and set the basis for the ethical standards that govern our professional behavior.

Respect the Law

  • Comply with the laws of the communities in which we do business
  • Comply with building codes, safety laws, and ecological laws
  • Avoid conflicts of interest with public officials

Respect the environment

  • Design for reduced energy consumption
  • Use recyclables when appropriate
  • Mitigate pollution

Respect communities

  • Give both time and money generously to charitable organizations
  • Participate in government, education, religious, and other community organizations

Respect clients

  • Provide excellent service in a timely manner
  • Comply with client-based design standards
  • Specify products and services that serve our clients’ interests
  • Charge honestly for our services
  • Do not offer gifts to our client’s employees
  • Do not collude with other engineering firms to fix prices

Respect employees

  • Provide good resources and office facilities
  • Provide learning opportunities
  • Compensate employees fairly
  • Make every job challenging, interesting, and fun
  • Consider the loss of an employee as a failure on the part of the company
  • Encourage employees to suggest methods for company improvement

Respect vendors and factory representatives

  • Treat vendors and factory representatives fairly
  • Pay bills on time
  • Do not accept inappropriate gratuities from vendors and factory representatives (no gift over $25 value and no more frequent than once per year)

Corporate Citizenship

corporate citizenshipGood corporate citizenship is a core value at Bath. We expect and encourage our employees to participate and take leadership roles in their respective communities. As a corporation, we use our technical abilities to show our clients how they can reduce quantity of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. As individuals, we donate hundreds of hours each year to worthy organizations and charitable causes. The following is a partial list of the ways we contribute positively to society:

  • Bath selects charitable causes and over the years, has given to worthy causes including orphanages, cancer care centers, homes for battered women, and numerous health foundations.
  • Our employees participate and serve on public, religious, professional and charitable boards. Examples of their involvement include public school boards, church and synagogue boards, professional career organizations, local organizational boards, and charitable foundation boards.
  • Our employees regularly join together to work on worthy causes. In recent years, they collected funds for a homeless center, toys for needy children, and food for a regional food bank. In past years, they helped build a house for an elderly couple and build a playground for children.
  • Bath is often asked to work on architect/engineer teams designing churches and specialty centers. Bath generally donates all or a significant part of its fee back to the organization. Beneficiaries of this policy have been a Ronald McDonald House, a home for battered women, a playing field for handicapped children, and several churches.

A quality conscious firm dedicated to achieving client expectations through responsible engineering

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