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Bath entered the building commissioning business in the late 1990’s as the field was just emerging. Over the years, Bath has continually refined its processes to assure that building systems function properly, in accordance with the original design intent and in compliance with the manufacturers’

• Fundamental, Enhanced, and Additional services for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, life safety, elevator, and building envelope systems.
• Plans, Specifications, and Measurement and Verification Plans.
• Completed LEED templates
• Energy analysis and life cycle cost comparisons for building systems.

Our engineers are certified by the Building Commissioning Association (BCxA). This internationally recognized organization administers certification examinations and requires proof of extensive experience.

Commissioning at Bath Group

WHAT IS COMMISSIONING? In years gone by, it was enough for an HVAC system to provide comfortable cooling and heating. That is no longer true. Today’s HVAC systems must be energy efficient, satisfy stringent indoor air quality and comfort expectations, and still be designed and constructed within tight budgets. System designs meeting these demands typically have many components, sub-systems, and controls including lighting, domestic hot water and emergency power. Additionally, building construction involves many specialized trades that often work independent of one another. Ineffective communication and coordination between designers and contractors can result in installation deficiencies causing less than optimal performance. Without commissioning verification, system performance may not be as intended by the owner.

Commissioning is a systematic process that considers the owner’s project requirements, the engineer’s basis of design, the specifications and drawings, codes and recognized standards, and performance testing. It facilitates communication, coordination, testing, and verification.

For the best possible results, commissioning should be included in all phases of the design and construction process:

  • Pre-design
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Acceptance
  • Operations-acceptance

A quality conscious firm dedicated to achieving client expectations through responsible engineering

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