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Process Safety Management Assessment


Bath Group considers the following assessments as the core services we provide in our business:

  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Consequence Analysis
  • Hazardous Area Compliance
  • Remediation Recommendations
Process Safety Management Compliance


Bath Group utilizes its “HAC Compliance Assessment Best Practices” methodology.

  • Design Specs
  • Issued for Construction
  • Post-Construction
  • Post-Startup
  • Remediation
Process Safety Management Design


Bath Group’s Design Services can be made independent of a Hazardous Area Classification assessment.

  • Building Siting
  • CAD Design
  • Consequence Modeling
  • Dispersion Modeling
Process Safety At Bath Group

Process Safety

Bath Group considers Process Safety a top priority in all the work we do.

  • PHA Support
  • Pressure Relief Systems
  • SIS/SIL Design & Review

Process Safety is our Top Priority

Every day changes are made in production facilities worldwide.  Physical equipment changes can impact the equipment layout of a production unit requiring communication to ensure those individuals impacted are made aware and safety is not compromised.  What are your thoughts when you read about the latest industrial fire or explosion?  Was inadequate process safety information a cause?  Could electrical equipment or improper electrical system installation practices been the ignition source?

Process Electrical Safety

Process Electrical Safety can minimize the risk of electrical energy as an ignition source once a non-catastrophic release has occurred.  Process Electrical Safety is addressed primarily through the proper application of hazardous area classification and electrical system grounding practices.

What We Do

The Bath Process Safety Management team focuses primarily on Process Electrical Safety within operating industrial facilities handling gases, liquids, and dusts.  We have the background and proven approach to assist in compliance with OSHA Process Safety Management standards and other government regulations, NFPA 70® National Electrical Code, industry guidelines, standards, requirements, and recommended practices.

That’s Why

Whether you work in a small processing facility or a large production complex our team uses the following three steps when providing services and deliverables to our clients:

  • A “Common Sense Approach”
  • Our Best Practices
  • Client Education

This approach is unique and goes beyond minimum expectations for creating, updating, verifying, and managing required Process Safety Information.

A quality conscious firm dedicated to achieving client expectations through responsible engineering

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