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The following list shows services the Bath PSM team offers to its industrial clients.  For each service, the Bath PSM Best Practices methodology is utilized in performing the various evaluations and studies required to meet specific project requirements.

Select the service for more information on how Bath PSM can assist your company.

  • Area Classification (Class I & Class II)
  • Consequence Analysis
  • Hazardous Area Classification Compliance
  • Design Specs
  • Issued For Construction
  • Post-Construction
  • Post-Startup
  • Remediation
  • Building Siting
  • CAD Design
  • Consequence Modeling
  • Dispersion Modeling
  • PHA Support
  • Pressure Relief Systems
  • SIS/SIL Design & Review

Professional Services

Area Classification Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Bath PSM can fill the role of a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for clients who require this level of technical support.  Bath PSM offers consulting services which include the following:

  • Attendance at site meetings as an Area Classification SME
  • Respond to technical queries regarding the content and application of Codes, Recommended Practices and Standards associated with:
    • Hazardous Area Classification
    • Hazardous Area Classification Compliance
  • Documentation and Follow-up to opinions (non project related)
  • Peer review of Area Classification related documentation

Process Safety Management Work Process Redesign

Often incorporating the requirements of OSHA 1910.119 into an established work process at a production site is challenging.  Bath PSM has experience in facilitating a work process redesign or the design of a new work process in order to integrate any of the 14 basic PSM elements into how you do work now.  Our common sense approach to work process design focuses on the required result while utilizing available electronic tools and computer systems.


The goal of any training session is for the participants to leave with the knowledge on why a topic is important and understanding how a topic is to be applied to their everyday job.  This goal is especially important for those who have key responsibilities in the area of Process Safety.  See the suggested topics below where Bath PSM offers training:

  • Hazardous Area Classification – it’s all About The Process
  • Hazardous Area Classification Compliance Assessment – How? & When?
  • Managing Risk -Identifying and Managing Ignition Sources in Industrial Facilities

Bath PSM can customize a specific training session to meet your needs.  Contact us to discuss where you have a gap in your team’s knowledge and let us assist you in determining the training category and topic that best fits your requirements.

Educational Presentations & Speaking Engagements

Bath PSM is available for speaking engagements as well as making technical presentations on a variety of topics related to process safety and process safety management.  These presentations focus on providing the attendees with an overview of the subject matter rather than an in-depth training session.

Some presentation topics include:

  • Hazardous Area Classification – What is it and why is it necessary?
  • A Common Sense Approach to Hazardous Area Classification – Understanding the basics
  • Process Safety Information (PSI) – Why is it part of OSHA 1910.119?
  • Equipment Location vs. Equipment Specification – Using Hazardous Area Classification results
  • Area Classification is Not a Copy and Paste Process – Overview of API RP 500
  • Safer Electrical Systems thru Area Classification

Bath PSM can customize a presentation to meet your needs.  Contact us to discuss where you have a gap in your team’s knowledge and let us assist you in filling that gap!

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