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Area Classification

Hazardous Area Classification – it’s all About The Process

This workshop presents a practical approach to methodology options used to assess an area for potential hazards associated with the installation of instrumentation and electrical equipment in a process environment.  The impact of process conditions (flows, pressures, temperatures, environmental parameters, and stream material balances) in determining the extent of classified locations is analyzed.

Evergreen Process

Facility Mapping of Classified / Toxic Locations

The need for mapping a facility where, under abnormal conditions, flammable or toxic areas exist will be discussed as well as the role of computer modeling programs in developing these site maps.  Methods for keeping this Process Safety Information (PSI) documentation current with process changes are presented.

Process Electrical Safety

Hazardous Area Classification Compliance Assessment – How? & When?

A compliance assessment is a gap analysis that compares the installed electrical systems against the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70 Article 500) per the assigned area classification.  This class gives guidelines on the how and when of conducting an assessment and the methods for presenting the results of the assessment findings.

Managing Risk

Identifying and Managing Ignition Sources in Industrial Facilities

In facilities that handle flammable hydrocarbons it is extremely important that potential ignition sources be carefully managed and controlled.  This training focuses on the recognition and management of various ignition sources including electrical equipment, static electricity, process heaters, piping systems, vehicular traffic on roadways, and other mechanical sources of ignition.

Bath PSM can customize a specific training session to meet your needs.  Contact us to discuss where you have a gap in your team’s knowledge and let us assist you in determining the training category and topic that best fits your requirements.

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