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Migration to Microsoft 365 started Tuesday evening instead of Wednesday evening.  Many of you have completed the migration either on your own by following the instructions provided earlier, or with the assistance of Technical Support in-house or remotely.  If you were out of the office or are having problems with the migration, please contact Technical Support.

Technical Support

Southern Networks will be available to help CC employees.  Call in to 361-653-3000 and ask for Chris or Josh for assistance to migrate to Microsoft 365
Hy Silverstein will be available to help EP employees.  Please contact him at
Phil Rothstein will be available to help employees from any of the offices.  (915) 313-7221.

If you are having problems receiving emails you can access your email via the Outlook Web Access at  You can use this access on PCs and Mobile devices.



It is that time of year when Bath Group implements 2020-2021 health benefits.  A ZOOM benefits meeting was held Wednesday with Murray Bass from Borden Insurance to present the new Health Benefits.  If you missed this meeting a 2nd ZOOM meeting is scheduled for this Friday at 10:00 am.

The Benefit Guide is available to the left under Health Insurance.  This is reviewed page by page during the meetings.

Employees need to login to Bernie Portal again this year to select and submit their benefit selections.  Bernie Portal login is available to the left under Health Insurance.  Selection is to be completed by Monday 10/19/2020.

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