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Comal County Jail
Comal County Jail
Comal County Jail Street View
Comal County Jail Building Sign
Comal County Jail Parking Lot
Comal County JailComal County Jail Street ViewComal County Jail Building SignComal County Jail Parking Lot
Comal County Jail – Commissioning

The Comal County jail was recently expanded to house between 500-1,000 beds, now contains office space , a larger kitchen, laundry facilities, and also has an infirmary and isolation rooms. Construction for the jail was completed in early 2020 and Bath Group, Inc. provided all commissioning services for the new construction.

Bath’s commissioning services began at the completion of construction and included a signed final commissioning report. This was a hands-on approach with startup, integrated system testing, control sequence verification and control point-to-point verification of installation and address assignment. The process included validation of all control components – from sensor to front end graphics.

Additionally, the non-functioning systems, devices and sequences were identified one by one, and re-inspections were performed until all punch list items were cleared and accepted.

Client: Amstar, Inc.
Location: Comal County, Texas
Cost: $72MM
Project Size: 187,107SF
Project Type: Institutional
Professional Services: Commissioning
Owner: Comal County
Markets: Local Government
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