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Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades
Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades
Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades
Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades

Bath Group Inc. provided design, procurement and construction management services for the installation of 12 substation buildings which included MV, LV, transformers, switchgears, motor starters, VFDs, SCADA, battery systems, UPS, lighting, and grounding power distribution systems. Bath installed new modern electrical distribution equipment to reduce the risk of electrical power outages resulting in loss of production, environmental impacts, while improving overall electrical safety. The plants internal electrical system design had to meet the performance availability target of 99.23 within a 5 year process unit interval basis.

Bath developed assessments of the electrical systems short comings with an appropriate mitigation plan. Bath proactively worked to mitigate short and long-term risks of equipment nearing end of useful life cycle. Bath improved the maintainability of electrical distribution system equipment and eliminated any single point design failures throughout the systems.

The second objective was to build the new system with consideration of long-term base operational goals. The project installed (4)13.8KV, (3) 5KV, and (6) 480V substation buildings with double ended switch gear, motor starter, and controls. It also included (2) 69KV/13.8KV, (6) 13.8KV/2.4KV, (12) 13.8KV/480V Transformers and re-fed (30)MV motors and (600) low voltage loads. The work was designed and constructed in a fast track method within 30 months. Bath also provided SKM electrical modeling, coordination, arc flash, load flow studies and configuration settings for (11) SEL-3530 Real- Time Automation Controllers (RTAC) includes data access, engineering access for serially connected devices, data concentration, and interface with the Zenon HMI’s via DNP communication. Approximately 400 relays including SEL 751, 710, 487, 787, 700Gs and network components including, RTAC, SEL 2750M, 3530, 3620, 3355, 3360 were integrated. All panels and hardware were designed, fabricated, and installed by Bath Engineering. Bath also commissioned and tested the 12 SCADA panels and interconnections to the relays at FAT and on site.

The design and construction was completed without interruption to the operation of the plant. Total construction value was $96MM.

Client: Confidential
Location: Confidential
Cost: $96,000,000
Project Type: Industrial
Professional Services: MEP, SCADA, Instrumentation & Control
Owner: Confidential
Markets: Industrial
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