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Medium Voltage Upgrades
Medium Voltage Upgrades
Medium Voltage Upgrades
Medium Voltage Upgrades

Bath Group Inc. provided analysis, design, construction support, and commissioning services to re-power a facility. This facility’s power demand had grown to more than 50% of its power distribution system’s capacity and the facility’s power system utilized outdated switchgear and power cables which were difficult to support and prone to failure. This resulted in

1) The plant’s power system no longer being redundant

2) Preventing the addition of new loads for needed unit expansion

3) Forcing temporary load shedding in order to start some of the plant’s largest motors.

Bath designed a new power distribution system for the plant taking power from the utility at 34,500V at a new plant main substation, feeding four new power transformers which supply 5KV power to a new 5KV substation consisting of two double-ended 5KV switchgear lineups, and four 5KV motor control centers (MCCs).

Bath also designed a new SCADA System to monitor and control the new substations. The SCADA System is a Zenon HMI by CopaData. The SCADA Panel design includes a 19” rack rail in the front for installation of the SCADA equipment which sets behind the front SCADA panel door with a 24” touch screen monitor and standard size keyboard and mouse. All field wiring and communication cables are mounted in the rear sides of the panels. SCADA Panel equipment includes a SEL-3620 Security Gateway, SEL-2407, SEL-2730M master network switch, SEL-3555, SEL-2440, SEL-2411, (1) OnLogic fan-less computer and an 8TB NAS drive for backups.

The Bath SCADA system design includes 18 system screens with multiple device details and 7600 analog and digital points to replicate the site. The 7600 analog and digital points are collected via the systems SEL-3555 (RTAC). The RTAC then provides data via DNP 3.0 to the Zenon HMI system. All points are time synced via the GPS time clock.

Remote Control via the SCADA system is configured for all 34.5kV and 5kV breakers. The SCADA system also consists of an Alarm Message list, Chronological Event List, a configurable Historian to archive data (triggered, cyclical, or timed), system Trending of Historical data or live online data, OPC exporting of data and Smart Server configuration for remote operator viewing of the system.

Client: Confidential
Location: Confidential
Cost: $20,000,000
Project Type: Confidential
Professional Services: Confidential
Owner: Confidential
Markets: Industrial

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