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Montana North 6.1 MGD Pump Station

Bath Group, Inc. designed and oversaw the construction of a new pump station to replace an aging pump station and provide water to a new electric company generating station.

The new pump station has four vertical turbine pumps with a total capacity of 18.5 MGD. Bath’s services began with a hydraulic study of the existing distribution system that was then overlaid with distribution to the new generating station. This information allowed Bath’s engineers to select pumps that will meet both the current demand and predicted future demand.

As prime consultant, Bath selected and managed several subconsulting engineering firms. With in-house staff, Bath selected pumps, manifolds, piping, valves, protective devices, variable frequency drives, motor control centers, and an emergency generator. Bath also designed the SCADA interface and the HVAC system.

Project Highlights
This project was designed and constructed in a very short period of time because the startup of the new power generating station was dependent on the supply of water.  Bath issued two sets of bidding documents:
1. Pre-purchase of pumps, motors, and motor control centers
2. Construction of the pump station.

This allowed the purchase of long-lead equipment before construction commenced. The purchase orders for equipment were then assigned to the contractor, so the contractor was responsible for receiving and testing the equipment. This process proved so successful that the pump station was constructed and ready for testing several months before the transmission main was constructed. (The transmission main was a separate contract by another engineering firm.) Time lapse video of this project’s construction can be viewed at:

Client: El Paso Water Utilities
Location: El Paso, Texas
Cost: $1,500,000
Project Type: Utility
Professional Services: Pump Station Design and Construction Management
Owner: El Paso Water Utilities
Markets: Water/Wastewater
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