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Vista Del Sol Pump Station
Vista Del Sol Pump Station

Bath Group, Inc. was retained to design a new pump station at the base of the existing Vista del Sol elevated storage tank. The pump station has five pumps and one spare can for future use. The pump motors have variable frequency drives to reduce water hammer in the distribution system during starting and stopping of pumps, which reduces the potential for line breaks.

Bath’s design called for relocation of SCADA equipment that previously served the storage tank. The equipment was significantly modified so that it could support pump control strategies in addition to elevated tank control.

Project Highlights
Completion of the discharge transmission main (separate design by another engineering firm and separate construction by a different contractor) lagged behind the pump station construction by several months. Bath worked with the pump station contractor to “dry test” the pump station at substantial completion and then to postpone final completion until the transmission main was available for “wet test”.

Client: El Paso Water Utilities
Location: El Paso, Texas
Cost: $1,900,000
Project Type: Utility
Professional Services: Pump Station Design
Owner: El Paso Water Utilities
Markets: Water/Wastewater
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