Medium Voltage Upgrades

Location: Nebraska
Client: Confidential
Cost: $20,000,000
Project Type: Industrial
Professional Services: Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing
Markets: Industrial

Bath provided analysis, design, construction support, and commissioning for a Medium Voltage Upgrades project at an Ammonia and UAN Facility. The power demand at the facility grew to more than 50% of it’s power distribution system’s capacity.  The facility’s power system utilized outdated switchgear and power cables that were difficult to support and prone to failure. This resulted in:

  • The plant’s power system no longer being redundant.
  • Prevention of addition of new loads for needed unit expansion.
  • Forcing temporary load shedding to start some of the plant’s largest motors.

Bath’s design of the power distribution system takes power from the utility at 34,500V at a new plant main substation, feeds 4 new power transformers, and four 5KV motor control centers.  In addition, new feeder cables and associated tray systems were designed to refeed all of the plant’s medium voltage loads and motors. Bath utilized site-erected pre-cast concrete buildings for the two new substations.

A motor start study was performed on the facility. Bath worked closely with the utility to generate a system design that can reliably start the plant’s largest motors without the need to shed loads or suffer undue voltage dips. Additionally, the new design employs power transformers and double-ended switchgear with capacity to meet foreseeable facility growth and provide the reliability of redundant operation.

SKM modeling, coordination, arc flash, load flow, motor start studies services were performed. In addition, configuration settings for 80 protection relays including SEL model 751, 735, 787, and 710 units were also provided.  All of the these devices were commissioned along with the switchgear and motor control centers. Bath equipped the new power system with an SEL RTAC-based SCADA system utilizing a Copa-Data Zeon HMI for remote operator interface, alarming, DCS interface, and data historian functions. Bath performed all design, programming, and commissioning of this system. The Medium Voltage Upgrades project completed in 2021.

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