The key word used to define mechanical systems is "flow." We design systems that process the flow of gases, liquids, and solids. Such systems often involve mills, boilers, exchangers, pumps, and vessels. Our mechanical staff performs the design of piping, conveyors, tanks and vessels, pumps, HVAC systems, and similar mechanical facilities.

Registered engineers and experienced designers use state of the art software to perform load calculations, pipe stress analysis, and vessel design. We are familiar with and design to ASME, API, ASTM, and various regional/local codes.

Our mechanical staff can design a whole new plant, or quickly design the retrofit of an existing facility. Their work frequently requires them to perform heat balances to identify potential sources of energy conservation. Retrofits often result in de-bottlenecking to achieve greater efficiency.

As an example of the design skills of our mechanical engineers, Bath proudly points to its early involvement in the CNG/LNG fueling industry.  The Department of Energy distributed a whitepaper extolling the success of that project.