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Bath has a long history of working on projects associated with the nautical industry.  As early as 1970, we were participating in the design of offshore platforms in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico.

As members of specialty design teams, we have worked on many docks, unloading facilities, and fuel transfer projects. For example, one project involved complex mechanical and electronic controls for bulk storage conveyors and project required our engineers to work around the clock to meet a critical production date for a client’s west coast product barge off-loading facility.

Our design team has experience in the design of pump and compressor stations, receiving stations, and piping.  These are a few of the many facilities we have constructed for ports and docks.

  • Grain elevator terminals
  • Fertilizer rail and bagging facilities
  • Container dock and storage facilities
  • Oil loading and unloading docks
  • General purpose cargo docks
  • Cargo storage facilities
  • Material handling

Because waterfront facilities are frequently corrosive environments, our engineers have experience working with specialty metals and alloys.  They are also familiar with U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy regulations.

Completed Projects

  • Marine Well Containment
  • Historic Wharf
  • Port Security
  • Harbor Operations
  • Beaumont Layberth Facility
  • Navy Yard Philadelphia
  • Fuel Pier Replacement
  • Port Oil Dock
  • Marina Improvements

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