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Any study or evaluation performed by the Bath Process Safety Management (PSM) team utilizes our “Common Sense Approach”. This approach moves away from only using a “by the books” technique and incorporates a practical methodology for producing the deliverables and documentation our clients require.

This Common Sense Approach sets us apart from our competition and is characterized by the following features:

  • Straight forward work processes designed to be efficient and effective in meeting the project scope.
  • Application of technical know-how and practical experience in performing any required analyses.
  • Study results which show clear links back to supporting process safety information.
  • Point source evaluations specific to each piece of equipment in the scope.
  • Clear documentation of results containing all required process safety information.

Bath PSM delivers unquestionable value to each of our clients. Our clients typically experience and recognize this fact once record documents are made available to their workforce. Benefits typically seen include the following:

  1. “Audit proof” documentation which ensures a cohesive thread of process safety information versus one riddled with disconnects.
  2. Easy to decipher documentation which allows all facility personnel, from an electrician in the field to an engineer in the project group, to efficiently obtain design and installation requirements for process electrical equipment.
  3. Specific documentation which allows safety evaluations (like Management of Change reviews) to address potential issues for individual pieces of equipment rather than general statements requiring further work to resolve.

Although this Common Sense Approach is utilized in all the services we provide, our ultimate goal is to assist our clients in achieving compliance with their unique Process Safety Management requirements.

For more information on this topic, click on the following link: A Common Sense Approach to HAC For Electronic Instrumentation.

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