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Bath can provide experienced Construction Management for any project to manage the planning and construction of a project from beginning to end.  A Construction Manager (CM) will coordinate and supervise a project to ensure a group of construction workers are working safely and efficiently.  The CM will monitor schedules and budgets, environmental issues, permit and ordinance requirements, communicate with the client on construction status, monitor work in progress, maintain punch-lists of tasks completed and to be completed, and review if manpower loading is adequate to complete the construction based on the schedule.  They will also monitor material and equipment needs and make certain purchase orders are placed in advance to allow lead time for receipt to maintain scheduled activities for construction workers.  The CM will also communicate with the design team when questions or issues arise with errors or problems during construction.

A partial list of projects utilizing a CM includes:

  • Substation at Client Refinery
  • Substation for Client Crude Unit Expansion
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