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EPC and EPCM are two types of project delivery systems that are often used for complex infrastructure projects.

EPC is Engineering, Procurement, Construction.  Engineering, procurement and construction are performed by a single company or a designated team of companies. The EPC team delivers a functioning facility to its client. This type delivery system is similar to the Design/Build method.

EPCM is Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management.  The engineering firm designs the project, procures the equipment and materials, conducts a competitive selection process to identify the most favorable construction contractor, and then manages the construction work performed by that construction contractor. An advantage of this method is that competition is introduced into the process of selecting the construction contractor, but one entity has full control of the entire process from design inception to final commissioning.

An example of Bath’s work on an EPCM project is a large industrial manufacturing facility in Mexico.  Bath is prohibited from identifying the client or project name due a non-disclosure agreement, but the client is a large multinational company and the project is a $65 million plant that contains process and manufacturing facilities. The client had constructed a small prototype chemical process plant in a laboratory in the United States. Now, it was ready to move from a prototype to a production facility in Mexico. Bath was retained to prepare detailed engineering drawings of the infrastructure systems, procure millions of dollars’ worth of specialty equipment, conduct a competitive bid for construction services, and then manage the construction process. Equipment was sourced worldwide, imported to Mexico and the United States, and delivered to the site in Mexico. Bath provided competitive procurement, expedited shipping and handling, and quality control services. Bath developed a detailed man-loaded construction schedule. Its on-site construction management team reviewed actual progress each day to assure compliance with the ambitious schedule. The result of this process was the timely delivery of a successful project that was completed within the original budget.

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