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Bath Group has provided Feasibility Studies on various facilities and systems for municipalities, industrial sites and educational facilities.  Feasibility studies include field investigations to evaluate overall condition of electrical, emergency power,  substation, electrical distribution, mechanical, HVAC, boilers, chillers, elevator and/or fire alarm equipment associated with a facility.  The study also includes time with staff personnel to discuss any undocumented changes, current known system issues, and any systems take off line and the reason.  A technical assessment is performed to address any known issues and any observed issues found during the field investigation, .  The technical assessment will also address any noticeable NFPA/NEC Code compliance issues for fire alarm equipment, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) codes, and any other system code issues investigated.  A Final report containing the site assessment findings and recommendations is provided.  The report may also include an estimate to repair/upgrade systems investigated and construction documents.  Reports will be provided in Bath’s normal reporting format or the client’s requested format.

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