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Bath can provide a Project Manager (PM) to take on the chief responsibility of successfully initiating, designing, planning, controlling, executing, monitoring, and closing a project.  The experienced PM will work with the project’s sponsor, often a high-level employee who supports the project and has authority to provide the resources and company buy-in to get the project done.  The PM and a project team will work together to discuss the idea, form an initial picture of the project, and work out whether it’s feasible.

The PM will accomplish tasks through managing and coordinating with a team of people which may include the Sponsor, Owner, Designer/Engineer, Environmental Lead, Safety Lead, Construction Manager, Procurement, Estimating, Scheduling, and unit personnel.

Bath Project Managers are experienced, learn the client policies and procedures, and are able to quickly join in as a member of a project team.

A quality conscious firm dedicated to achieving client expectations through responsible engineering

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